Rotisserie -Pineapple, wood smoked, encrusted with cinnamon sugar – served with ice cream -Dessert

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If  you want to WOW your dinner guest with a fabulous dessert, try this  wood smoked rotisserie  pineapple, encrusted with cinnamon sugar, served with vanilla Ice cream. This is your dessert. You cannot lose!

This is a dessert is fun  to make and it really  impresses your guest.

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What you need:

One or two pineapples, 1/2 cup sugar,1/2 cup cinnamon, lump charcoal, soaked wood chunks or chips.

Cut top and bottom off and trim off the sides.  Push the skewer through the center and slide skewer forks into the pineapple.

Mix cinnamon and sugar in a baggie.

I start my coals before I prep the pineapple.

Start your  lump charcoal and wood chips, place them in an indirect formation with a drip pan in the middle.

Once the coals are ready, and the wood chips are smoking insert the rotisserie, then quickly turn it on.

As the pineapple is rotating sprinkle the cinnamon sugar on slowly  for one full rotation.

Stop sprinkling and let cinnamon sugar caramelize then start applying the sugar again, repeat until all of the cinnamon sugar  is used.

This desert has is a visual pleasure when made at dusk.

The lump charcoal sparks,cracks, snaps and pops while the excessive cinnamon sugar that falls from the pineapple ignites straight up in streaks of flames.

Use caution when making this.

When the pineapple is thoroughly coated, has turned  golden brown, and air smells of smoky campfires mingled with the sweet smell of freshly made cotton candy – then this dessert is ready.

Wear your cooking gloves and removed the hot rotisserie skewer.

Slide off the skewer fork and remove pineapple onto a cutting board.

Cut pineapple into 1/8 or smaller slices and serve with Vanilla  Ice Cream!

Thanks for reading how to make the  wood smoked rotisserie  pineapple, encrusted with cinnamon sugar, served with vanilla ice cream Dessert from Kev’s Key Largo Living.




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