Hello once again, if this is your first visit welcome to Kev’s Key Largo Living.

Today is the last day of our five day Making Starter Yeast Adventure. I hope you have enjoyed the journey.

Yesterday I thought the “Yeast Feeding” episode should be fun, picturesque, and on the water.  We enjoyed doing the photo shoot and the photos above, or left,  are from that photo shoot.

The weather was extremely nice yesterday, so after the photo shoot, we went fishing for five hours.

We are very bad yeast parent, we hate to admit it, but we forgot our small ice chest to store our yeast in.  The poor yeast overheated and met their demise.

Not to worry, we started a new batch of yeast, which will be ready in five days. In the mean time we can continue with our Adventure in  yeast feeding, for the are the same as day three and  four.

Add 1/4 flour and add 1/4 water then stir to mix.




Tomorrow we start the next segment –  preparing the yeast for baking.

Tune in tomorrow for information  on wheat berries and learning how to  “Maintain” your Starter Yeast.

Thanks for join us here at Kev’s Key Largo Living.     Kevin



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