Making Starter Yeast: Day Four of a Five Day Adventure!

Today is Day Four  of our Yeast Making Adventure on location in the Gulf of Mexico – Florida Bay

This episode of  Making Starter finds us out  kayaking to a quiet side of a Mangrove island in the Gulf of Mexico – Florida Bay.

I decided  the “Yeast Feeding” today should be fun, on the water, after all this is Kev’s Key Largo Living, plus how often can you see Making Starter Yeast in a Kayak.  IMG_2437

In the  photo below we can see the liquid increasing with each day’s feeding.

Our Starter Yeast  is a very happy and healthy.


Once the Five Day Adventure of Making Starter Yeast has past, will we start discussing how to maintain the Starter Yeast and how to bake with it.

The photo below is our mixing destination.


Here is a our Making Starting Yeast feeding and mixing spot, nestled in along the mangroves at our destination.

In the photo below our Starter Yeast is hunger and waiting to be feed.

Add a 1/4 cup water, and a 1/4 cup flour.


Everything is added, you can see the bubbles  from the yeast feeding.


Mix well

That is the end Day Four of our Five Day Making Starter Yeast Adventure!


Come back tomorrow for the Adventure continues in Kev’s Key Largo Living, episode 5, Day Five of “Feeding” the Starter Yeast!

Thanks for Tuning in to Kev’s Key Largo Living!  Kevin

Now I can go fishing!



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