Making Starter Yeast: Day Three of a Five Day Adventure!

Today is New Year’s Day 2016 and it happens to be Day Three of our Yeast Making Adventure. In keeping with the New Year’s tradition of doing something new or different, I decided to take Day Three -“Feeding” the yeast on the road to a pleasant location here in Key Largo,a quite dock near my home.


Todays adventure continues: Making Starter Yeast Day Three of Five in Kev’s Key Largo Bakingland.

If you look at the photo below you will see a line of liquid between the new and growing Starter Yeast.  This visual activity indicates that our making yeast from  blender ground wheat berries is happily working. The yeast is active and healthy.IMG_2363 (2) If you do not see this happy yeast activity in your jar, either wait another day, move the jar to a warmer location, or start over again.

I believe the best way to understand your bread is to hand select each ingredient.

If you really want to know where your bread comes from, you must understand the various types of wheat berries, learning what they can do for you and how they can affect the taste of your bread.

You must also learn what yeast is, what the yeast is doing, and the  variables that can affect yeast and its health.

Using a bread machine, or a bread mix, adding a packet of atomic store bought secret yeast (secret, because you do not know everything that is in that little packet) is not understanding where your bread comes from. (atomic, because it rapidly grows your yeast, and rises your dough in a couple of hours, which is not Natural yeast behavior).

Day Two of Five instructions



Gulf of Mexico – Florida bay is in the background for  “Feeding” the yeast experiment.

Today  we add 1/4 cup flour and 1/4 cup water. My flour is the blender ground flour that I did in another post, but any flour will work.


This photos is before I added any new “food” for the yeast.  You can clearly see the bubbles created by the very happy yeast.


Next I mixed in the flour and water


Mix – stirred well


Finely put the cap back on.


Were are done.  We have just completed Day Three of the Making Starter Yeast Adventure!


This is the view from the opposite side of our yeast feeding adventure.  Enjoy and thanks for checking out Kev’s Key Largo Living site.

Come back tomorrow for the Adventure continues in Kev’s Key Largo Bakingland, episode 4, Day Four of “Feeding” the Starter Yeast!

Have a great New Year’s Day.  Kevin


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  1. I sure learned a lot on this post and loved your photography.


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