Kev’s favorite – Cast Iron, Smoke Fired Grilled Cheese on homemade herb infused wheat bread

The bread used is made from blender ground wheat berries, which I did in an earlier post.


The rest of the ingredients varies each time I make this.

This time I used, Ground Pepper, Fennel Seed, Dried Basil, Taco Seasoning, Herbs De Provence, Butter, Swiss, Fresh Cilantro, and sliced Button Mushrooms.


Tonight’s cooking fire was a mix of charcoal, water soaked and dry Hickory  wood chunks.

Once the the coals are growing and the wood is burning and smoking  place the skillet onto the coals and wood. Allow the skillet to get hot, then place sandwich on the the skillet.IMG_2244

After a bit flip the sandwich to brown the otherside.

To get more heat without adding more fuel, I place the pan directly on the coals and wood.


Done.  Now cut and serve.  Enjoy the simple things in life.


Future blog will be on wood fired homemade tomato soup; to enjoy with the Grill Cheese.


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