Making Starter Yeast: Day Two of a Five Day Adventure!


Todays adventure continues: Starter Yeast Day Two of Five in Kev’s bakingland.

If you look at the photo above you will see a line of lique between the new and growing Starter Yeast.  This indicates the yeast is active and healthy. If you do not see this in your jar, either wait another day, move the jar to a warmer location, or start over again.

I believe the best way to understand your bread is to hand select each ingredient.

If you really want to know where your bread comes from, you must understand the types of wheat berries available to you.

You must also learn what yeast is, what the yeast is doing, and the  variables that can affect yeast and its flavor.

Using a bread machine, or a bread mix, and adding a packet of atomic secret yeast is not understanding where your bread comes from.

For today two of five’s instructions continue reading


Things needed:

Yesterday’s jar of Starter Yeast

2 T spoons of flour

For this experiment I am using my blender ground flour. Any flour will work.

2 T spoons of water

I use @Palouse_Brand wheat berries to grind for my flour. I order on Amazon, but any brand of ready ground flour will work.

Mix the water and flour in the jar, stir to mix, place lid back on jar, store back in warm place until tomorrow’s day three adventure.


And we are done for today.  Whew I am tired after that!


Tunin tomorrow for Kev’s continuing saga of Marking Starter Yeast Day Three of Five.   Thanks for being here at Kev’s Key Largo Living. Kevin



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