Making Starter Yeast: a five day adventure.


Todays adventure in baking land is Starter Yeast.

The best way to under stand your bread is to hand select each ingredient.

If you really want to know where you bread comes from, you must understand the berries and  what is in the yeast.

Using a bread machine, or a bread mix, and adding a packet of atomic secret yeast is not understanding where your bread comes from.

In my past post on how to blender grain wheat berries. I saved ten berries from that  adventure and will now put them to work making yeast.

Things needed

You need a canning jar, ten wheat berries of your choosing.

I use @Palouse_Brand, I order on Amazon, but any brand would do.

I will do a post on understanding wheat berries next.

One -T spoon of flour, I like to use the flour I ground, but any  flour will work.

Two -T spoons of water.


Add ten berries into jar, add water, let soak for a minute then add flour and swirl around to mix.


Place lid on  jar, do not tighten, as escaping gasses need to vent, date the lid or jar with the date mixed.


Place in a warm location, 70-80 F, for 24 hrs.


Now we must wait.

Tomorrow I will post the 2nd day of the 5 days needed for our yeast making  adventure.

At this point I will note that by varying the different types of berries, with different types of flour, you can change the flavor of your yeast, and hence the taste of your bread.

If you like experimenting, like I do, start combining different Starter ingredients  to find the smell and taste of a Starter baking yeast you like.

Know your yeast, know your bread.

Thanks for tuning in to  Kev’s blog

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