Homemade wheat bread flour: blender ground white and red berries, infused with Thyme.

Grinding white and red wheat berries to make flour, infused a bit of Thyme, and you have blender ground fresh herb bread dough. It is very tasty warm with butter. It will be great with honey, or used for grilled cheese.
To grind the berries, you need a good stout blender. This is a $5.00 thrift store blender and I have used it for 20 years. This recipe uses 100 % hard wheat berries, 5 cups of white and 2 cups red. I like Palouse Brand. I order it from Amazon.  Wheat berries are not found in Key Largo.
Add one cup of berries at a time into the blender and press chop, blend buttons. It depends on your blender.
Do not grind more than one cup of berries at a time. You may damage the motor if you overload it.
I found that if I tilt the blender while it is running the berries will grind faster, and the motor will not over heat.
Once the berries are ground, pour berries, one cup at a time into a strainer. Shake untill only berries nor ground small enough remain. Put these big berries back into the blender, add next cup to blender and repeat the process.
Here is the 7 cups of berries ground. Next I mix into the flour a cup of Thyme.
I pre heat 2 1/2 cup of water for the yeast and flour. I heat it to 100 degree F. Do what ever your recipt calls for.
The dough does not mix like store bought flour. You start to think something is wrong. It will work out, as long as your yeast is good. Proof your yeast. It will save you time and suffering.
All mixed, kneaded, rolled.
Here the dough rising. About 45 min after I place in the bowl. I place the bowl on top of the warmed oven. My house is cool at night. During the day I place the dough outside to rise.
This is after punch down and placed in the pans to rise. I have one Lodge cast iron pan and one teflon pan.  I think the  Lodge cast iron bakes  and tastes much better, especially when bake with a wood fire.
Done! Let cool, slice and taste!






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