Hello and welcome to Kev’s Key Largo Living

This blog is about my interest in cooking with cast iron, and the fun meals that cooking with cast iron has inspired me to create. If I had Teflon covered pan, I would not cook as much. I might decide to go hungry!

The goal for this site is for my wife Amy and I to travel the Keys cooking fun meals in our cast iron.

We plan on posting, not just the cooking, but also the information on where we are cooking at.

I hope that in time I will learn how to build a fun and informative website.  Please be patient, I do not know what I am doing with this site.

The cast iron craze started when I was a child in Western Michigan. When I was maybe 7 – 8 years old, my Mom, and sometimes my Dad (luckily not very often) would cook eggs and other meals in a big black cast iron skillet.

My Mom made the best eggs in that pan, very crisp on the bottom, with crunchy outer edges. I can still taste, smell, and see them.

I do not know what my Dad did to those poor eggs, I swear it was not the same skillet, his eggs had the opposite effect on me; maybe it was the big scoop of Crisco he would drop into the pan!

The memory of that old skillet and its tasty eggs has spurred me on and into the cast iron cooking world.

When I eventually had my own home, that old skillet went with me, and it has been along with me for many years now.

It turns out that old skillet was my Moms mom, and that as a child my Mother remembers her mother making meals in it.

So my favorite cast iron pan is 80 years old or more, and it has severed my own family well, even though I cannot make eggs like Moms..


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